Lawyers Committed to the Practice of Family Law.



We offer a choice of lawyers who are:

  • well suited to dealing with difficult custody and access issues and resolving matters collaboratively;
  • well versed in working out complex property equalization issues including business and asset valuations and estate planning issues;
  • able to move diligently and effectively through the significant paperwork required for even relatively straightforward separations and divorces;
  • familiar with the often difficult and complex issues involved in Children's Aid Society situations.

Commitment and Dedication

Kingston Family Law Lawyers represent an array of experience and interests. What they share is that they are all members of the Frontenac Law Association's Family Law Section and they all certify that they devote at 33% or more of their time and effort to the practice of family law.

Kingston Family Law is committed to assisting potential clients in making contact with the lawyer best suited to their needs.

Directory of our Lawyers

NamePhoneServiceListing Actions
McDiarmid, Gordon613-546-3274W&E?, CFL?,
Leitman, Steven613-544-7990CP/CAS?, CFL?,
Swindley, Michael613-542-1889W&E?, Belleville?, Brockville?,
Burford, Barb613-354-0003W&E?,
Cottle, Courtney613-521-8897
Purvis, Catherine613-549-2627CP/CAS?, LA?, CFL?,
Fisher, Brittany613-417-1910CP/CAS?, LA?, Belleville?, Brockville?,
Thériault, Eve613-545-9896CP/CAS?, LA?, Belleville?, Brockville?, FLS?,
Pelletier, Bonnie613-969-9000CP/CAS?, LA?, Belleville?, Brockville?,
Hardwart, Scott613-542-1889
Adair, Hali613-543-2946CP/CAS?, LA?, Brockville?,
LaFrance, Mark613-549-3294W&E?, MED/ARB?,
Kendall, Lesley613-546-8067PC?,
Fasano, Tina Marie613-344-1380W&E?, CFL?, MED/ARB?,
Ollson, Elizabeth613-384-8122
Menard, Jacques613-507-4780W&E?, CFL?, MED/ARB?, FLS?,
Shelley, Carolyn613-546-8093LA?, Belleville?, Brockville?, CFL?,
VanLuven, Theresa613-542-7877W&E?, Belleville?,
French, Elizabeth613-344-9910CP/CAS?, LA?, W&E?, Brockville?,
Petty, Mark613-542-5999CP/CAS?, LA?, W&E?,
Frederick, Mark613-542-2648CFL?,
Hurley, Nicole613-545-9896LA?, Belleville?, Brockville?,
Black, John F.613-546-0587
Bala, Andrew613-539-0371CP/CAS?, LA?, W&E?, Belleville?, Brockville?,
McDonald, Lindall613-344-1380W&E?,
McCullough, Peter613-548-3384CP/CAS?, LA?, W&E?,
Maur, Mary-Jo613-530-2665Belleville?, Brockville?, MED/ARB?, PC?,
Haunts, Douglas613-544-4030CP/CAS?, LA?,
Ramsay, Vince613-545-1728W&E?, CFL?,
McDonald, Bruce613-384-6018W&E?, CFL?,
Warder, Hilary F.E.613-549-7777CP/CAS?, W&E?, CFL?, PC?,
Millard, Judith613-546-3274CP/CAS?, LA?, W&E?, CFL?,
Rorabeck, Christina613-545-9896LA?, Belleville?, Brockville?, CFL?,
Kamin, Lanny613-542-7334Belleville?, Brockville?,
Zap, Steven613-542-3688CP/CAS?, LA?,
Ecclestone, Chris613-384-0735CP/CAS?, W&E?, Belleville?, Brockville?, CFL?, FLS?,
Kotze, Lulama613-544-1618W&E?, CFL?,

Belleville– Lawyer travels to Belleville as well , Brockville – Lawyer travels to Brockville as well ,
CFL – Qualified in Collaborative Family Law, CP/CAS – Child Protection/CAS,
LA – Legal Aid Certificates Accepted, MED/ARB – Qualified To Act As a Mediator And/Or Arbitrator,
PC – Qualified as a Parenting Coordinator, W&E – Related Estate Planning

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